Outsourcing your IT to Our Tech Team will allow you to focus on driving your business without the need to waste time and resources troubleshooting or worrying about tech problems yourself.

We’re an MSP with over 15 years experience supporting SME’s in London with fully managed IT Support Services. We work closely with our clients to gain an understanding of how their business works and provide effective solutions to ensure business continuity and assist with company growth.

IT Support Company

IT Support & Advisory

We thrive on helping our clients work smarter and find more streamlined ways of doing so. Technology allows us to achieve this but knowing what technology to implement can be a difficult decision. With over 15 years experience supporting SME's with their IT services we have the knowledge, skills and know-how to help your business IT operation run smoothly. Contact us today and let Our Tech Team become your Tech Team.
Cloud Computing Services in London

Cloud Computing Services in London

'The Cloud' has transformed the IT World and how businesses operate. The benefits of migrating your apps to the cloud far out-weigh the reasons to keep them onsite. At Our Tech Team we're recognised Microsoft Cloud Partners and offer a range of cloud services that'll keep your business's key operations and systems functioning with huge scope for scalability, resilience and reliability. Let us help kick start your journey to the Cloud...You wont look back.
Hosted VoIP Solutions in London

VoIP Telephony

Empower your business with the latest unified communications features delivered by our IP Voice service. We offer hosted PBX and SIP trunking services that can really benefit businesses and enable you to work more flexibly. Our offerings comes with inclusive minutes, call recording capabilities, music on hold and more. Our VOIP package is guaranteed to help reduce your current call charges and allow you to take your office number with you where ever you go.
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions in London

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions in London

Backing up data is paramount for any business. Our Tech Team offer a variety of fully managed and automated, encrypted backup solutions. You'll be at ease, knowing that your most important files, databases & servers are easily and quickly recoverable in the event of disaster. Further more, we also work with clients to provide disaster recovery plans to maintain maximum uptime and replicate servers to off-site locations for added redundancy.
IT Support in London

Web Filtering

Unmanaged web activity can impact staff productivity, lead to malware infections and impose threats to your office network. Our Tech Team's web filtering blocks known malicious websites and adds an extra layer of security on the network. Our solution combines application-based traffic filtering with website categorisation functionality which together allows customisable & accurate control over what users are doing online and the bandwidth they are consuming.
Anti-Virus Management

Anti-Virus & Patch Management

With constant threats emerging each day, businesses need to stay vigilant and ensure all network devices are protected with the latest anti-virus definitions and that all Windows and 3rd party applications are kept updated and patched. Our Tech Team takes care of all of this for you and provides enterprise-grade, AV solutions with automated Patch Management services to help keep those pesky viruses, trojans and malware away.
dicated Broadband Solutions in London

Dedicated Broadband Solutions

Pivotal to modern business infrastructure, data connectivity is a crucial element for any organisation. From 4G connectivity to ADSL, EFM, FTTC or Leased line Ethernet, Our Tech Team offer reliable, secure & fully managed circuits to businesses meeting their individual requirements keeping your business online and connected. We also offer superb staff and guest WiFi solutions eliminating any black spots or poor signal areas.
GDPR Compliance

Risk Intelligence

Our Risk Intelligence service scans for software vulnerabilities, unsecured, sensitive and personal data across your network and provides an estimated financial figure for your organisation’s potential liability in the unfortunate event of a data breach. With the GDPR regulations coming into play in May 2018, this is a very useful tool and will assist you to locate and protect the personal data hidden throughout your office network.
Network Design & Implementation in London

Network Design & Implementation

To run an efficient business, your network should be built on secure and robust infrastructure. Our Tech Team put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to create, and design reliable networks which allows for future growth and company expansion. From office re-locations, fit-outs, refurbishments and re-structuring, we offer proven network design and implementation services that drive results for your business.
It Support In Central London Service

IT Support Central London

Building a successful business means having access to a wealth of cost-effective knowledge and expertise that puts you at a competitive advantage in your sector – and that goes for IT support as much as it does for any other aspect of your organisation. Smart business owners understand that their information technology infrastructure has a direct effect on profitability because it ensures the organisation is able to operate at its maximum efficiency – but the cost of managing those systems in-house can be prohibitive
Small Business It Support London

Small Business IT Support in London

One of the biggest decisions every small business faces is how to generate return on investment – and our experience tells us that many business owners fail to fully appreciate just how much their IT systems contribute to the bottom line. Having the right IT support for your small or medium sized business (SME) can add exponential benefit to your profitability by heling you to maintain efficiency and reliability – and this is true whether your company is heavily dependent on its IT infrastructure or not.
Managed It Services In London

Managed IT Services in London

Every successful business now relies heavily on IT infrastructure, regardless of the sector it operates in – and keeping your network running smoothly through a managed IT service is key to ensuring your business remains agile and responsive in an increasingly competitive market. The bigger your business, the bigger and more complex your IT requirement is likely to be. Increasingly, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to outsourced IT support to provide the expertise they need to keep on top of their network....
Outsourced It Support

Outsourced IT Support in London

Outsourced IT support is a smart solution for busy organisations that want to focus their time, attention, effort and money on delivering their core business objectives.Every business needs to prioritise how it spends its money and it’s tempting to take a DIY approach to some of the more functional elements of the operation in order to make greater investment in the key things that have a direct impact on revenue.
Microsoft Office 356 Support

Microsoft Office 356 Support in London

Got a problem making Microsoft Office 365 work for your business? If so, then our London-based Microsoft Office 365 support service could be just the thing you’re looking for. If your business is driven by Microsoft, you’ll already be familiar with the standard tools that the company’s Office suite provides – the holy trinity of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that cover all your word processing...