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Our Risk Intelligence tools scan for unsecured data across your network and provides an estimated financial figure for your organisation’s potential liability in the unfortunate event of a data breach. This helps us ensure your network is fully patched, secure and within compliance guidelines. With the GDPR regulations, this is a very useful tool to have and compliments our OTT Secure package very well.

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GDPR Compliance
GDPR Compliance

Key Features

OTT R.I will locate weaknesses in your network and report on the number of violations each devices has. From here we can work towards resolutions and perform system clean ups to help increase your office security, reduce threats and ensure complete compliance.

We’re even able to determine which data isn’t secure. From bank cards and driving licenses to confidential files and social security numbers, OTT R.I can locate where these risks are on your system, risks that you’re most likely not even aware of!

This solution combined with our Patch Management offering shows which 3rd party vendor apps and Windows software is outdated and needs to be patched. Keeping devices patched reduces loop holes in your network and eliminates vulnerabilities in your office systems.

We help businesses by providing them with a potential liability cost, should that particular device be hacked or have it’s data stolen. This helps them understand how vulnerable their system is whilst shows off the core value of OTT R.I.

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What R.I means for your business

OTT R.I allows us to deep scan all your devices, to understand where you stand against the upcoming GDPR. We are able to increase the overall security of your systems by determining where certain data lies on your devices, understanding whether they provide any risk and if they are still necessary. Overall, making your business a whole lot more compliant with GDPR!

GDPR Compliance