Laying the foundations to help your business grow

IT Advisory | Network Infrastructure | Firewalls | Cabling

To run an efficient business, the under laying network infrastructure needs to be up to scratch with security, resilience, company expansion plans, storage and future trends in mind. The network design should be carefully planned out before being implemented to help reduce future problems or face unnecessary costs.

Our Tech Team are able to design, develop, service and maintain reliable office networks tailored around your goals and budget. We’ll work with you to design a new network from the ground up or re-develop your existing network to help increase security and improve resilience across the board. Our procedure is first to understand the business requirements through detailed planning and preparation and then build up accordingly after considering the factors that’ll benefit the business and help form exceptional foundations for your business to thrive.

Network Design in London

Painting the technical picture

From designing guest and staff WiFi to implementing Multi-WAN networks, introducing VoIP and Cloud services and secure managed firewalls and more, OTT have the knowledge and experience to help structure your corporate network and put all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a healthy and robust network.

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