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At Our Tech Team, we offer reliable data back-up and disaster recovery solutions in London so that when the worst happens, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ve got the best possible chance of recovering the situation.

After all, we’ve all been there. You’re working on an important document, maybe switching between an original and a draft, and you accidentally delete or over-write the wrong document. You didn’t make a back-up or save your progress and it looks as though it’s gone forever.

Or you’ve ploughed through a tricky report that’s taken hours to compose and just as you’re about to hit ‘Save’, your computer freezes or crashes and all you get is the blue wheel of doom.

These are common problems and we’ve seen more than our fair share of them over the years, but our extensive experience means that in every case and with a bit of work we’ve been able to quickly recover those ‘lost’ documents to ensure your time hasn’t been wasted and your business continues to run smoothly.

At Our Tech Team we offer a range of different back-up and recovery solutions that give you versatile options to suit your business or personal requirements. Our services are all fully managed, fully automated and are able to be customised according to your specific needs.

Not only that, but they’re updated regularly to ensure they always meet FCA regulations and are always GDPR-compliant. We only use UK-based data centres to store your back ups and all our systems use AES-256 encryption – widely considered to be the most sophisticated cipher currently available.

We offer the following data back-up and disaster recovery options:

Disk/tape solutions

This is a traditional system that many businesses will already be familiar with.

The upside with disk or tape is that they’re the least expensive data back-up option because they have a low unit cost.

The downside is that recovery times are usually slower and the effectiveness of using them relies entirely on the disks or tapes being properly managed.

By and large, disks allow faster recovery and back up than tape and include additional benefits such as deduplication and data compression.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

This is the best of both worlds, belt-and-braces approach to data back-up and disaster recovery. It means your data is backed up to a local device in your building, but is also copied to a cloud server managed by an off-site, secure UK data centre.

This means you can be confident that everything you do within your IT data network is automatically and simultaneously backed up in multiple locations, offering you greater failsafe reassurance.

Direct Cloud Backup

This solution means your data is automatically backed up to a remote server via the cloud. The remote servers, housed in UK data centres, are themselves secured by additional servers held in different locations – meaning that even if your primary data centre suffered a catastrophic failure, your data would still be accessible from another source.

The speed of this solution for data back-up is dependent on your network up- and down-time but means there is no need to maintain a local, physical solution.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Being sure of business continuity is essential. If catastrophe does strike, and your building is destroyed or you suffer a theft, do you have a disaster plan for your business that means you can carry on as normal.

Many businesses, particularly smaller companies, don’t. But disaster planning should be a priority for every business and at Our Tech Team we can work with you to make sure you’re fully protected and that your business isn’t at the mercy of a sudden emergency or crisis.

If it’s time for your business to take business continuity planning seriously, and you’d like to know more about our data back-up and disaster recovery services in London, we’d love to hear from you and tell you how you can benefit by letting Our Tech Team become your tech team.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions London
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Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions London
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