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    IT Support London

    Market-leading, proactive IT support for London businesses

    We’re not the sort of people to wait to be instructed. Our view of the IT world is that it’s a fast-moving, ever-changing environment and for your business to get the most out of your IT network, you need an IT support partner in London that’s proactive and dedicated that’ll help you keep up with new technologies and solutions that’ll help your business thrive.

    We don’t wait for problems to arise and then work to solve them; we identify them in advance and solve them before they become a problem.

    That ensures your systems are as reliable as they can possibly be 24/7 – allowing your business to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable, all without IT interruptions.  Whether we’re offering remote ITT support or need to be with you at your premises, our support is always customer-focused, fast and highly skilled.

    Our managed and outsourced IT support service in London can be the key to your business success. Can you afford to be without it?

    How you choose to manage your business IT systems has a direct impact on your profitability and the scope to build your business successfully. At Our Tech Team, our sole purpose is to help you to drive growth through efficient management of your IT infrastructure.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up or an established business with thriving cash flow and a healthy bottom line – hours lost to an IT systems failure or you/your staff spending time troubleshooting slow-running networks translates into a loss of revenue through reduced productivity and greater inefficiency.

    Let Our Tech Team become your tech team and we’ll manage all aspects of your office IT.

    At Our Tech Team, we specialise in designing, deploying and then maintaining reliable, integrated IT network solutions to give your business the agility and versatility it needs to respond to a changing competitive environment.

    We’re accredited Microsoft Cloud partners and partner with leading technical support teams and software vendors to ensure we can offer tailored support to every type of business – regardless of the sector, they operate within.

    We build close relationships with clients, fully understanding their requirements and deliver effective services and solutions that allows them to do their job without interruption and IT headaches. Cheesy as it sounds but we’ll take the stress out of your IT so you can focus on running the business.

    The Right IT Support Service at the Right Time

    Whatever the needs of your business, you can rely on our IT professionals to ensure you get the right advice, support and practical help at exactly the right time to keep you ahead of the competition.

    OTT Pro

    Don’t be seduced by the prospect of trying to save money by handling your own IT management. You may save pennies in the short term, but it’ll cost you more in the long run. Our fully managed, proactive IT support plan means you’ll never have to worry about your IT functionality. Leave Our Tech Team to manage all aspects of your office network from performing daily safety checks, to device monitoring, asset management and more. OTT Pro is an unlimited support plan ensuring your business get the dedicated and proactive IT support it deserves.

    OTT Secure

    Off the shelf, protection is perfect for your personal IT needs, but it only goes so far in business. Ensuring you’re fully protected from the myriad and ever-changing online threats is paramount for any business –especially those handling sensitive, personal or financial data. OTT Secure is a complete suite of security solutions that’ll keep all angles of your business protected whilst also helping keep compliant with current privacy laws and tick many GDPR regulatory boxes.

    OTT Connect

    Successful businesses are always available and fully connected to their customers, suppliers and data networks from anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re after a secure, remote working solution, a super-fast and dedicated broadband line or an ultra-sophisticated VOIP Telephone system, OTT Connect is the package for you. OTT Connect provides reliable and scalable connectivity solutions to ensure you’ll only ever be seconds away from connecting with the people (and the data) that are most important to your business.


    Our Tech Team works with a pro-active mentality. We like to prevent issues before they actually surface. We ensure maximum uptime for you and the business allowing staff to work efficiently without the need to worry about IT systems falling over. Our engineers are highly qualified and respond quickly to support requests.


    The days of hard drive data storage may not be quite behind us, but the future of data management lies in Cloud storage – where your documents, files and data are wirelessly transferred to off-site data centres that can hold your work and files securely. These centres are also backed up by other data centres, so if that million-to-one disaster strikes and your data isn’t available on either your local system or at your primary data storage facility, you’ll still be able to recover it. Our London-based business IT support and advice can help you to identify the best data storage solution for your business and we’ll also work with you to migrate your own systems so the change works seamlessly.


    We work with trusted and talented designers who can take care of your web and graphic design needs. If you’re thinking about building a new website, refreshing your existing one or simply want to reboot your brand and image, our specialist team of designers can turn your ideas into eye-catching reality.


    Every business now relies on wireless technology to some degree, so having the right broadband equipment and package is paramount if your business is going to continue to be successful. Our IT support and advisory service for businesses in London will also make sure you benefit from telephony solutions that are specifically designed to meet your individual needs. We also provide hosted telephony solutions that will allow you to make and receive calls wherever you are in the world with inclusive free minutes. If you’d like to find out more about how Our Tech Team can help you to get the most out of your business IT systems and help you to thrive and grow, please get in touch and let Our Tech Team become your tech team.


    The online environment might be the eighth wonder of the world, but it’s also a place that carries real risks that can threaten your business bots technologically and financially. At Our Tech Team, we specialise in ensuring our clients benefit from the very best cyber protection. Our minimum standard service ensures your computers are all patched and protected through the latest web monitoring software. Ensuring your business is secure also means you can be sure that it also complies with all current privacy and GDPR legislation.


    Our specialist managed support service gives you the flexibility to choose between on-site or off-site data backup. In fact, you could opt for both options for added redundancy or opt for full server or data replication for complete continuity. We offer different levels of data back-up, all ensuring your business and critical data is backed up, safe and secure and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

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    Our Tech Team are accredited Microsoft Cloud Partners and provide Fully Managed, IT Support Solutions to businesses in and around London. Watch our explainer video to learn more.
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