“Will GDPR affect my business?”

Find out whether your business is subject to complying with the strictest data protection policy ever…


The regulation, which makes its mark on 25th May 2018 is huge in scope, and aims to unify data protection laws and rules across the EU by implementing stricter polices to provide a safer online community. Many smaller businesses have come to believe that it will only apply to large/global companies that process large volumes of personal data. That can’t be further from the truth… No matter the size of your company, you’re still required to comply with the regulations requirements, meaning that the GDPR is going to impact millions of businesses.

So will GDPR affect my business? In brief GDPR caters to all types of businesses and organisations established within the EU, despite whether the data processing takes place in the EU or not. But what if my business isn’t established within the EU, but offers goods and/ or services to citizens in the EU? Good question… although even if you offer your goods and services to citizens within the EU, but aren’t situated within the EU yourself, you’re still subject to complying with the upcoming GDPR.


84% of small UK business owners are unaware of GDPR

Unaware of GDPR
According to Shred-it’s seventh annual Security Tracker research.


With the regulation just over 5 months away from making its mark, it’s surprising to see so many businesses unaware of it. Below are a few questions that will help you understand whether your business needs to comply with GDPR, if you’re still not sure.


Does your business process EU residents personal data? 

Personal data can be considered to be any information associated to an identifiable or identified natural person. Information such as the EU’s citizens first and last name, email address, bank details, IP address, social media accounts, medical information, location, cultural identity etc, are all types of data that can be used by businesses, organisations and charities for certain purposes. If you find that your business processes personal data for EU residents, then you’re most likely required to comply with GDPR.


Do you provide services/products to EU residents?

Supplying your services and products to citizens within the EU, means that you’d have their customer data stored most likely after they have purchased a service or product from you, therefore GDPR would apply to you as your business would need to show efficient security measures, to ensure that customer data isn’t accessed by anyone unauthorised.


So does GDPR apply to you?

If you’ve came to realise that the upcoming GDPR applies to your business, yet you don’t know where to start, feel free to get in touch! Our Tech Team would love to help your business become a lot more compliant, and we have the tools to so! Our Tech Team Risk Intelligence is a great starting point, our brand new service allows us to deeply scan your business network to determine any potential risks and vulnerabilities that may be a danger to your IT infrastructure.



What we can do to help – OTT R.I 


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With the help of OTT R.I, we’ll be able to determine weaknesses within your office network, overall allowing us to help you become more compliant by cleaning up your business infrastructure.


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OTT R.I has many key features that we will deploy to ensure your business network is compliant:


|   Locate weaknesses in your network   |
|   Determine unsecure data   |
|   Determine which 3rd party vendor apps and Windows software are outdated   |
|   Provide a potential liability cost, should your network be hacked or have data stolen   |