Advanced Threat Protection for Business

What is ATP?

New malware campaigns are being distributed everyday, and more and more vulnerable users are becoming victim to cyber attacks. ATP is an extra add on available within Office 365 that is essentially used to add additional protection to user accounts. With the help of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, your business can protect its emails, files and applications against unknown and sophisticated cyber attacks. Likewise, ATP can help secure online storage and offers a barrier of security in Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Safe Links

Criminals use all sorts of methods to attack businesses and individuals, and one of the more common ways is through web links. Usually located inside of emails, web links are used to entice the user to click them, by promising a reward such as money or salacious content. As soon as the web link has been clicked by the user, a web page is opened in which some kind of code is triggered which is able to attack the user’s computer through the web browser. With the help of Safe Links, users can be assured that all links within emails and documents are scanned by Microsoft when they are clicked. ATP checks to see if the links are safe, and if they are they’ll be opened. Otherwise, if the link is unsafe it will not open.

Office 365 Safelinks

Detonation Chamber

As well as using malicious links to attack users, hackers also commonly use attachments in emails. Attachments could be anything from PDF’s and text documents to music and video files. If a user opens a dangerous attachment it may run unauthorised code which could trigger viruses, ransomware and malware. Once these viruses are actively on your computer, it’s difficult to locate them and get rid of them.

Office 365 ATP is able to scan attachments to see if they are suspicious, if they are they’ll be sent to a ‘detonation chamber’, which is essentially an online location away from your network. Once arrived at the detonation chamber, the attachments will be tested to see if they run unsafe code. Additionally, if the attachments are found to be safe, they’ll be delivered within the email.

Detonation Chamber Office 365

Why does my business need ATP?

ATP helps to protect your organisation from malicious attacks by:

  • Scanning email attachments with ATP Safe Attachments
  • Scanning web URLs in email messages and Office documents with ATP Safe Links 
  • Locating and eliminating malicious files in online libraries with ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams
  • Reviewing email messages for unauthorised spoofing with Spoof Intelligence 
  • Identifying when someone is trying to impersonate your users and your organisations custom domain with ATP Anti-Phishing capabilities in Office 365

How do I add ATP?

For help on how to implement Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection into your businesses Office accounts, give us a call on 020 3794 1414 or email us at

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