Do you feel like you're forever waiting for your PC to load?

We know, we know… computers can be very frustrating! They always take their time to load applications, documents and websites, overall making your day a lot less productive. Of course there are reasons as to why they do this, so below are some easy tips and tricks to help improve the performance of your PC.

1. Uninstall programs you no longer need

Having programs that you no longer need or use on your PC is just a waste of storage space. PC’s tend to run slower when lacking storage space, therefore it’s important to check if you are coming close to the end of your storage limit, and if you are you should consider removing any of those unwanted programs. To uninstall a program, simply type ‘control panel’ in the bottom left search bar. Next select the ‘Uninstall a program’ option and from here you can right click on the desired program and click ‘Uninstall’. Easy.

Control Panel

2. Reduce start-up items

Another reason why your PC may be taking a while to start-up is simply because it has many start-up items occurring at the same time. Meaning multiple applications are all booting up at the same time, using a lot of the PC’s power from the get go. In order to see the start-up items of your PC, locate the search bar in the bottom left and type ‘Run’. Next, type ‘msconfig’ into the box and click on the ‘startup’ tab. It’s important to not disable anything that looks important, like your Windows defender or Anti-virus. Going through your start-up item list and disabling programs that aren’t necessary can really help improve the performance of your PC.

3. Clean your browser

Cleaning your browser should be done regularly as it removes cached items, history and cookies, that all take up a lot of space.  In Google Chrome you can clean your browser by accessing the menu icon in the top right, then selecting the ‘tools’ tab. From there you can click on the ‘clean browsing data’ option.

Clear Browsing on Chrome

4. Add more RAM

If you happen to find that your computer has spare RAM slots then you’re definitely going to be able to improve PC performance. Adding extra RAM will make a noticeable difference as it’s essentially the core of your computer, and is fairly straight forward to do. Check out this easy tutorial on how to install RAM into your PC.

5. Don't shutdown, use hibernate mode

Do you find that you’re always waiting 10 or 20 minutes each morning for your PC to boot up and load programs? If so, try using the Hibernate mode on your PC. It is essentially a mode that puts your PC into a lower power option thats is much quicker to resume from, rather than starting up again from cold the next day.

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